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The Institute of People Management –Malawi (IPMM) is a professional membership body representing Human Resources and People Management fraternity in Malawi. The Institute of People Management –Malawi (IPMM) is a professional membership body representing Human Resources and People Management fraternity in Malawi. IPMM is a non-profit making organization.  It was established in 1984 and is registered under the Trustees Incorporation Act. Through its membership with African Federation of Human Resource Management (AFHRMA), IPMM is also affiliated to the World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA).  Locally, key stakeholders for IPMM comprise the Ministry of Labour through the Department of Human Resources Management and Development (DHRMD), Employers Consultative Association of Malawi (ECAM), and the Malawi Congress of Trade Unions (MCTU).Since its inception, IPMM has dedicated its efforts to providing knowledge and tools for strategic people management which in turn has contributed to the growth, profitability and sustainability of businesses and organizations. Specifically, the Institute has been conducting continuous professional development (CPD) programs and specialized training courses to its esteemed members and non-members. 

The Institute has also become a hub for professional networking and sharing of best practices in Human Resources Management (HRM) in Malawi. Membership for IPMM is  spread across different organizations including Malawi Government Ministries and Departments, private companies, consultancy firms, Non-Governmental organisations (NGOs), and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs).The organization’s total paid-up membership   currently stands at 271.

The Institute prides itself in being one of the emerging top notch professional membership bodies in Malawi. Our members have critical responsibilities in respective organisations as they manage the most valuable resources – People. The general operating environment is never static. The regulatory framework that directly impacts people management work keeps on evolving. The impact of globalization on human resources management can neither be ignored. The managed resources therefore need constant guidance on matters of legal, policy and compliance as they steer performance management objectives in various organisations. In addition, the institute takes full recognition of the fact that human resources management profession needs to take its rightful role in being a strategic partner and a change agent, besides being an administrative expert and a people champion. The Institute therefore draws strength from this background to ensure it builds the right skills and knowledge set in its members with the view to properly position them in their quest to become strategically valuable in meeting the objectives of respective organisations whether in the short term, medium term or long term.

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Institute of People Management Malawi

P.O. Box 2755
Blantyre, Malawi 
E ipm@africa-online.net
M +265 88 163 8540 (Executive Director) , +265 88 874 1968 (Administration Officer)

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