Benefits to members

Paid-up members of IPMM access several benefits narrated below;

  • Opportunity to attend Continuous Professional Development Courses (CPD) relevant to Human Resources Management at   subsidized fees.
  •  An opportunity to attend the unrivalled Annual General Conference at the Lakeshore Resort (Nkopola) that comes around October/November of each year. Paid Up members become eligible to contest for any Council Position or Committee membership position. By being a paid-up member, one automatically becomes a voting member. This conference is paid for separately at rates/charges advertised from time to time. The annual conference pulls together huge participants most of whom are high profile HR professionals in the country. High level Guest Speakers are drawn from abroad or within.  In year 2016, the conference pulled way over 300 Guests. This offers an unmatched opportunity to network, learn, get challenged and share best professional practices in People Management.
  •  Members have an opportunity to attend a free IPMM Annual Dinner and Dance. This is yet another forum for professional networking.
  •  Members who are   specialized in any of the HR Core functions also have the opportunity to be listed as IPMM Consultants to facilitate Continuous Professional Development Programs. This does not only bring professional satisfaction (self-actualization) but can also supplement member’s income on a one-off basis through facilitation fees.
  •  Members gain access to quality international articles on emerging Human Resources Management issues by being part of the larger mailing list for the Secretariat. Additionally, members also access local articles and statutory publications, including Court Judgements on labour issues. These get shared for free to members through email circulation.
  • Members that are within geographical reach have unlimited access to IPMM library. Members can borrow quality books relevant for day today work or for professional studies at postgraduate level in HRM or MBA or General Management studies.

Benefits to Employers

The business community as well as the public at large benefits from IPMM in the following ways:

  • Employers benefit by having fully trained, well networked and adequately skilled HR Management professionals ready to drive the performance management agenda in respective organizations. Membership to IPMM therefore has the potential to spur organizational productivity due to the trickledown effect of the mastered skill sets obtained through networking and participation in our highly prized Continuous Professional Development Programs (CPDs).
  • Employers are assured of having People Managers who are conversant with internationally tested and accepted best practices in Human Resources Management.
  • Employers and all other stakeholders will have an avenue where to report misconduct or any ethical lapses regarding the conduct of our members or general flaws in human resources management practices, for purposes of counselling and disciplining of the ethically deviant members.
  • Employers with paid-up members can advertise job openings on HR through IPMM, to reach a targeted labour market, at no fees, compared the cost of newspaper adverts, but with very high impact.
  • Employers can outsource the entire recruitment functions to IPMM at agreed modest and affordable fees.
  • Employers can also access excellent, unmatched consultancy services from experienced IPMM members in any human resources management function e.g. Staff Recruitment, Staff orientation, Performance management, Benefits and Compensation management- bundling of itemized benefits into clean wage pay system, staff training and development

Membership to IPMM is a Commitment to Excellence!


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