Membership Categories

IPMM has four categories of membership. These categories of membership include Student Members, Associate Members, Full members and Fellow members.


This is a person who is studying for a career in people management at a University or College recognized by the institute.


This is a person employed in a profession associated with, but not necessarily allied with people management and not yet satisfied the requirements for full membership.

Full Member

This is a person who qualifies for membership having obtained a Bachelor’s  Degree  or above,  relevant to People Management or Employee Development, with a minimum of three years’ experience at Managerial or Head level, in a reputable organization whether Public or Private


This is a person who has satisfied all the requirements for Full Membership and has been a voting member of the Institute for five years or more and has a good record of participation in IPMM’s activities.

Note that our membership fees are as follows;

  • Student  Member - K2,000.00
  • Associate Member - K 216,000.00
  • Full Member - K 240,000.00
  • Fellow - K300,000.00
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