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Department of Human Resources Management and Development (DHRMD)

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Malawi Business Coalition Against HIV/AIDS (MBCA)

The Malawi Business Coalition Against HIV/Aids (MBCA) is an umbrella organisation accredited by the Malawi Government to primarily coordinate and enhance the Private Sector response to HIV and AIDS in Malawi. MBCA gets its financial support from the MBCA Membership fees and the National AIDS Commission. MBCA is a membership organization for private sector companies that is led by the Board of Directors elected amongst the private sector members themselves

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Employers Consultative Association of Malawi (ECAMA)

The Employers Consultative Association of Malawi (ECAM) was registered in 1963 under the Trustees Incorporation Act of Malawi as an employers’ trade association representing all subscribing employers. We have direct membership from 250 organizations, which includes 6 associations. The associations represent over 277,000 members. The primary role of the Employers’ Consultative Association of Malawi (ECAM) is the promotion, guidance and protection of employers’ interests in labour, employment and socio-economic issues.

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Malawi Congress of Trade Unions (MCTU)

The Malawi Congress of Trade Unions(MCTU) is the union which has 22 affiliates from all centers within the country Malawi. It has played a major role in transforming workers rights, Decent jobs ,organizing etc. It also works with the civil societies, Government and employers on a number of issues which concerns all parties.

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