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Continuous Professional Development Conference

July 28th, 2017 was packed with two critical activities. First was the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) which covered both morning and afternoon hours. It was patronized by a sizeable number of participants (30). The topics covered were Human Resources Project Management, facilitated by Dr. Margaret Sikwese of NOVO Habitus Consulting Limited. The second topic covered was Human Resources Governance, Risk and Compliance.

ConferenceThis was covered by Mr. Alnord Mbwana who works with TNM in the Audit and Assurance department. Participants expressed satisfaction with the way the materials were delivered and recommended that similar topics should be covered to a lot more people for the benefit of the profession as well as respective sponsoring organizations.

The evening of the same day was power packed! It was a time to dine and wine with friends, colleagues and partners in the Human Resources fraternity. This function was graced by Mr. Dumisani Banda, Director of Human Resources Management in the Department of Human Resources Management and Development (DHRMD), Ministry of Labour. The dinner was well attended and was glamorous.

Speaking to the audience, the IPMM president, Mr. Laston Chilando, thanked all members who spared time to attend the function. He urged all members to value the power of networking and partnerships saying the Dinner was organized along the same spirit to promote networking amongst professionals in the Human Resources fraternity. He also thanked all companies that sponsored the Dinner. Taking his turn, the Guest of honor highlighted the need for Human Resources professionals to remain disciplined and professional in the course of discharging their duties.

CoferenceHe reminded members on the need to adhere to the code of ethics for the HR profession citing the following among others; acting within the Law at all times, honesty and maintaining high levels of integrity, desisting from any unlawful, unethical conducts seen to be encouraging ,assisting , or acting in collusion with others to act unlawfully. Further, he challenge participants to take their rightful positions so that the outcomes of their work could be vivid, and in line with what IPMM code of professional conduct states. Additionally, he promised government’s support towards IPMM’s efforts to legalize the HR profession. In this vain, he was quick to ask IPMM to ensure the Institute gets prepared to handle the demands that come with a legalised profession particularly, those to do with compliance.

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