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Jallison Chaguluka says Goodbye!!

Tuesday 22 August 2017 was the day IPMM offered JC a formal occasion to say good bye. He was accorded a decent farewell cocktail at Protea Ryalls Hotel main Restaurant. 

Mr Chaguluka

The function was attended by 12 Council Members and Secretariat employees. In his remarks, JC thanked IPMM Council members for the time shared together. He was happy to have worked for an institution he helped to initiate. If there is one thing he would want to see IPMM do going forward, it is the enactment of the IPMM bill into law.

Lastly, JC was happy to be accorded a farewell dinner that brought together serving and retired Council Members. Mostly, he was happy to be given a Mountain bike as a gift which he cited as a crucial tool for wellness objectives. In his parting words, the Immediate Past President (IPP), Chrispin Chikwama wished JC well in his new endeavors. He thanked the former ED for his dedication to work during the time he served IPMM as an employee.

Mr ChagulukaIf there is one thing to remember about JC, IPP was quick to mention JC’s openness when discussing issues in Council meetings. JC was given a mountain bike as a farewell gift. In a word, IPMM wishes JC the best of luck as he focuses on the other side of life away from neckties and jackets!

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